After having finished her studies in international and European Community law in Brussels, Barcelona and Berlin, Myriam Delonca has become a member of the Lyon lawyer’s bar in 2006.

She quickly specialised in the representation of clients in court at all instances, including the first instance, regional as well as last instance court; initial appearance representation of clients; and litigation in labour law and social security matters before the respective competent courts.

Having chosen to operate in a smaller, more familiar office size and setting, Ms Delonca dedicates her full professional attention to each of her cases herself and is always eager to achieve amiable settlement of cases before proceeding to courtroom litigation.

Legal advice is a liberal profession, a lawyer cannot collect income other than fees versed by the clients. Fees are based on services rendered, which depends on the work done and the outcome.

The commission is an advance payment on the final fee and an obligatory prerequisite to the commencement of any professional activity on a given case.

A fee agreement will be concluded at the commencement of any legal advice jointly with the customer, depending on the complexity of the case and the consultation.

She is attentive to the monetary situation and resources of her clients, including regarding support through legal aid or by a legal expenses insurance .

Myriam Delonca : Areas of expertise and specialisation

Familiy Law

Myriam Delonca

Patrimonial Law

Negociation and Agreement

Labor Law

International Law

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